The administrative and financial management of the group companies has been entrusted to a team whose main focus, in addition to managing compliance with the bureaucratic strictures of the energy industry, centres on supporting corporate management in implementing the company’s agroindustrial business plan.

Head of Administration & Finance: Stefania Zucchetto


The group’s varying operations also include: agronomic management; identification of appropriate cultivation plans; vineyard management; organization of contractors required for the proper execution of cultivation operations; and validating compliance with agronomic and business protocols.

Head of Agronomy: Fabrizio Fabbroni


Plant management is assigned to a hands-on team that manages everyday operations. In addition to being able to perform routine maintenance, our members of staff also have in-depth knowledge of mechanics and electronics. They ensure that every component of the plant is continually managed and kept under control by regularly measuring operational and technical indicators so as to maintain constant energy production and biomass consumption.

Plant Manager: William Lauzzana


Commercial management, which includes marketing, product placement, and FILARE ITALIA brand wine distribution planning, is run by a group of professionals with international experience in all the main sectors of the food industry. The distributors are managed directly by the company’s front office, while wine processing and logistics management is outsourced to local partners with a solid track record.


Corporate governance is structured to create shared value for all stakeholders by determining and implementing strategic objectives based on the dynamics of the market and business environment to ensure the group can adapt to an increasingly complex economic and social environment.

Chair: Marco Tam
Vice Chair: Gabriele Gardisan