Wine and vineyard


Our vineyards are located in the terroir of the Grave del Friuli area, which is located in a plain between Codroipo and San Daniele. The soils of the terrain, which are of alluvial origin and moderately loamy, lie to the east of the River Tagliamento – an area of Medio Friuli DOC wine production.


As a result of the special character of the terroir, the grapes grown here are ideal for producing delicately-scented spumante, sparkling, rosé, and white wines, all distinguished by the group’s brand FILARE ITALIA, the expression of all the finest aspects of Italian viticulture.


The favourable micro climate, given the proximity of the Adriatic Sea and the Alps that surround the plain and protect it from the cold wind currents of northern Europe, is excellent for growing grapes to produce wines which are unique and light with pronounced aromatic notes.


Our vineyards’ characteristics, closely combined with the terroir’s vocation, our employees’ meticulous care, devotion and sheer passion, and the best available cultivation techniques, encourage the production of highly-prized particularly fresh, young wines such as Pinot Grigio, Ribolla Gialla, and Glera.