Ecological transition is already a reality in Friuli

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In Friuli, the ecological transition is already a reality. Between the provinces of Udine and Pordenone, the cultivation of fields produces biogas that provides more than 7,000 families with electricity and natural fertiliser for vines. This is the circular economy model applied by GREENWAY GROUP, a company active in sustainable maintenance along transport infrastructures.

The system based on recycling has enabled the group, led by MARCO TAM and GABRIELE GARDESAN, to close 2020 with a turnover of 5 million euro and an impact on local GDP of over 2 million. Numbers that, also in economic terms, show how the ecological transition can yield remarkable results.

With 700 hectares of cultivated fields, more than 40 hectares dedicated to viticulture, the promotion of its own wine brand and two biogas plants, Greenway Group has blazed a new trail in the green economy. “We have anticipated the guidelines of the Recovery Plan, setting up a development plan centred on an ecological transition that is leading us to the green revolution,” explained MARCO TAM. “A vision that we gave concrete form to ten years ago and which has led us to grow and make the area in which we operate grow.”

“The model is the circular model applied to a given area: the middle of Friuli. The agricultural activity, with energy crops for energy use and second crops for human and animal use, mainly soya, and feeding with livestock litter, makes it possible to produce not only electricity, but also digestate that replaces chemical fertilisation”.

The innovative vineyard irrigation system includes sub-irrigation wings managed through an application that saves up to 20% water. “For us, the future becomes a dynamic project that focuses on protecting the environment, enhancing talents and human resources, the absolute protagonists of a supply chain geared to the common welfare, the safety of the planet and the health of those who live on it,” added TAM.

“The sustainable and respectful use of natural resources has been an essential prerequisite for the management of a company attentive to the future of our ecosystem. We always remain true to this requirement, without losing sight of profit and profitability. Together with our partners and employees, we aim to build a future that harmoniously combines efficiency with care for the environment and social responsibility”.